Yorkway Equity Partners offers qualified wholesale investors the opportunity to gain an exposure to the hard-to-access private equity asset class on a deal-by-deal basis, without a commitment to a typical closed-end PE fund.  Typically investments are held in an unregistered managed investment trust with a separate Trustee.

We target returns of 25% IRR or 2.5x money over an average hold period of four years.

Benefits of investing with us:

  • Investments are sourced, evaluated, negotiated, structured and managed by a very experienced team with both private company investing and significant business, strategic and operational experience
  • Investors decide whether they wish to participate in an investment opportunity after reviewing information provided by Yorkway Equity Partners, following due diligence
  • Investors gain access to these private equity investments without any fund commitment or fee before they decide to participate
  • Market standard investment reporting, including regular updates and quarterly reports, will be available to investors
  • The Yorkway team invests personally in every transaction

Criteria to be considered as an investor in one of our consortia:

  • Our investors must qualify as wholesale clients – and be prepared to invest a minimum investment of $250,000 per investment with the capacity and willingness invest in several investments of a similar size
  • Understands the illiquid nature of private equity investments
  • Business experience and a network to assist the investments would be desirable but not essential

Co-investment opportunities

The Yorkway group has negotiated the right to co-invest in transactions introduced to private equity funds. This will typically be for larger transactions with a deal value well in excess of $100 million.

Yorkway Equity Partners is the vehicle through which the co-investment right will be made available to selected institutional and wholesale investors.

Primary responsibility for managing the investment will rest with the PE fund. Yorkway representatives may be invited to sit on the board on a case-by-case basis.

Standalone investments

Yorkway Equity Partners is also actively sourcing opportunities to invest in small to medium companies with sustainable earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) of at least $3 million.

Yorkway Equity Partners believes that backing a good management team or owner with a growth plan in the right small-medium companies can offer a superior risk/return tradeoff relative to other segments of private company investing

“The insights and sound advice Yorkway Partners provided us was second to none. They took the time to get to know us and delivered the right solution for our unique situation in a discreet and timely manner.”

John CrollChief Executive Officer, iSentia (formerly Media Monitors)

“I know Yorkway Partners will always present me with high quality investment opportunities. They make it their business to intimately understand the business and the investment thesis they are presenting and our investment criteria. Yorkway consider the all important issue of ‘right fit’ from the start.”

Greg SmithExecutive Director, Champ Ventures

“We were impressed with Yorkway’s deep understanding of our business, our industry and our strategic direction. They found the perfect private equity partner to take Coverforce to the next phase of growth. I would not hesitate in recommending Yorkway an exceptional advisors and partners.”

Jim AngelisChief Executive Officer, Coverforce

“Yorkway Partners are professionals I like to work with. When Yorkway approached me about becoming Executive Chair of Ansett Aviation I had to consider it. Their research and analysis demonstrated the exciting growth potential of the business and provided me with a hands-on opportunity to leverage my interest in SME business.”

Margaret JacksonExecutive Chairman, Ansett Aviation

“The investment opportunities that Yorkway has presented to me have been very well considered with a compelling investment thesis. Yorkway’s combination of business and investment expertise means that both aspects are comprehensively addressed in their investment opportunities.”

Yorkway Private Investor


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