Arranged funding for co-investment and advised on acquisition | Completed April 2015 | Mid market – $60m – $100m
Business overview
  • Market leader in tax depreciation schedules for property investors
  • Value growth drivers – compelling value to client proposition, transactions growth from market growth and penetration of product from educating of investors, accountants and other advisors to benefit strategic expansion initiatives
  • Strong management team with an excellent track record in growing business — efficient processes, excellent customer and stakeholder focus
What we did
  • Identified an opportunity to replace non-executive majority stakeholders with investors who could support growth and diversification plans
  • Worked with management to identify a number of strategic growth opportunities including running a strategic process and brainstorming
  • Supported management in the implementation of strategic initiatives including opening doors and providing access to resources
  • Yorkway Equity Partners and CHAMP Ventures acquired 65% of the equity of the business — with CEO and senior management team holding the remaining 35%
  • Yorkway Capital Partners advised Yorkway Equity Partners and CHAMP Ventures
  • Yorkway Equity Partners arranged $11m funding for its 22% stake in BMT via a consortium of high net worth investors

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“Yorkway restructured our capital base and invested in our business. Their commitment to understanding our needs has been instrumental in shaping a successful growth strategy for BMT. Approachable, reliable, and with a genuine interest in our business, Yorkway has opened up important growth opportunities for BMT Tax Depreciation which we would not have otherwise had.”

Brad BeerCEO, BMT Tax Depreciation

“We have invested in two businesses where we have partnered with Yorkway Partners, happily both meeting expectations. Yorkway’s strategic and commercial expertise adds value in identifying and growing good businesses and I like that they always invest alongside us and help build and deliver the strategic plan.”

Greg SmithExecutive Director, CHAMP Ventures

“The investment opportunities that Yorkway has presented to me have been very well considered with a compelling investment thesis. Yorkway’s combination of business and investment expertise means that both aspects are comprehensively addressed in their investment opportunities.”

Yorkway Private Investor